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Teen birthday party

Every parent is concerned about where and how to organize the birthday of their child. And when they has grown and their holidays have passed through all stages - children's clubs, pizzerias and restaurants, it is increasingly difficult to come up with a fresh idea to celebrate their birthday.

We at Partyservice.bg offer several options for organizing teenage birthday.

You first need to decide where would be the place to party. Children at this aged do not like children's clubs and a pizzeria. They want to be like adults and prefer bars or disco atmosphere. For this reason we offer a nightclub that opens for its customers after the 22 hours, which is an hour to get on with a normal teen birthday.

With a dance floor, disco lighting and dim lighting, visitors to your child will feel bothered to relax. You know how shy and how mini groups are formed between them, which does not allow to break the evening and create teamwork.

In this regard, we suggest animator for teenagers whose task is not to hold 'baby' games, as they called, and arrange them to create a mood between them and laugh together, sing and dance. From our side, we will prepare the hit tracks, because we know that a child's birthday must have music.

Of course, if the child does not want the presence of the animator will send you a DJ, who all the time will take care of the music and the kids will order their favorite songs. Children can combine disco and karaoke, which will make fun.

These are the three most preferred options for organizing a party for teens:

1. Animation with music
2. Kids disco
3. Kids disco and karaoke

We will offer crazy party accessories and gift for each child, hidden in a piniata.

Call us to discuss together how to organize a birthday party for your child!