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Scary kids party

Invite the birthday of your child's latest scary characters from the "Scary kids party!"

See what is included and what the scenario!

Ghosts and goblins let us together and call black magic easy to get rid! Waiting for our terrible ghostly mysteries that will lead us to the secret potion ingredients for a very special revealing of all ages kept secret!

Children are divided into two teams, one team captain is the birthday boy. Carry out racing, logic and music games.

The party is an animator and DJ, still two hours and includes:
1 Party accessories for 10 children - hats, dominoes, whistles
2 Happy Birthday"
3 Fountain - candle cake
4 Witch costume and makeup birthday
5 Scary masks for all children
6 Drawing on the faces of children - goblins, wounds, zombies
7 Balloons - decoration for party
8 Props for racing and musical games / inflatable microphones and guitars /
9 Prickly black pot of magic potion
10 Cans of scary thing in which children have to find characters and lots of surprises ...

For queries please call phone: 0896 70 90 40 / or viber / or 02 421 42 28! Waiting for you!