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Party surprises

 Partyservice.BG loves to think of ways how to surprise people together. Many of our customers have already saturated the standard gifts and are looking to serve up an experience that will leave lasting memories. In this section, we offer different party surprises that will impress everyone.

However, if you decide to send a gift set, we advise you to at least present it in an unconventional way. So we offer you to send courier who will be dressed as a clown or a true magician. Our actors will do a show, weill joke, we'll take pictures.

If you are looking for something romantic Serenade is for you, if you wish an actor to recite a love poem from Shakespeare or musician to sing one of the most exciting rock ballads. We will send you a list of songs to choose the most appropriate.

Unforgettable and one of the surprises is a dancer in a pop-up box. We have created a huge box with wheels, shaped as gift with a big bow, which includes dancers and the rhythm of Oriental and Latin American music, she will pop-up and dance especially for birthday and his guests.

Even once the room was so close to the case that we wrapped two girls ike candy. Amazing surprise that always keeps the memory of themselves through pictures all starting to do.

If you are looking for something crazy and unusual, call us and we can work together most original gifts for your friends.