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Halls for your party


If you want to advertise your hall or bar you rent, please contact us by phone  0896 70 90 40

The presence of your hall / restaurant includes creating a separate subcategory in "Event Hall hire" with the name of the restaurant / hall with unlimited text, address and telephone number and 8 photos.

Choosing a place to hold your event is the first step when you start making plans. The place of the event is selected from the comfort and convenience of guests parking. If you do not allow your guests easy access to you, they easily give up at the last minute, which is the worst thing that can happen to you. Therefore choosing the right location is very important.

We organized our events at various locations in pubs, bars, gardens, restaurants, around swimming pools, in the lounges, in hotel rooms or separate, outside downtown, near the sports facilities and more. We can advise you about the right place for your event.

Most hotels will give your rooms to rent by the binding of food and drinks. In this case falls hire of the hall, but you are obliged to offer your guests a set menu and cocktail menu type bites. Prices of food and drinks are much more expensive than the prices in the restaurant.

Therefore you should consider first what your budget to offer party adequately to your financial capabilities. If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us - www.partyservice.bg