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Team Building Gifts

Partyservice.BG va premia castigatorii cu cupa sportiva sau medalii.
Va  oferim o gama larga de cupe sportive, medalii, figurine sportive, trofee.
Aveti posibilitatea de a alege tipul de sport,si modelul.
Pentru mai multe ne puteti contacta la numar de telefon 0215691391

Gifts for team building /horseback riding, tennis, badminton, basketball, ski, golf and more.../

Partyservice.BG will give a medal or a cup to the winners!
For a proper reward of the efforts and achieved results,
Partyservice.BG offers an extensive choice of trophy cups, medals, sport figures, according to the type of sports game and contest, which will mark the achievements of the winners, which took part in the tournament.
You can choose not only the type of different sports, but also the color of the medal, the model and type of manufacturing.

Let all the winners leave with dignity and a trophy cup in hand!

Trust Partyservice.BG, to get the most out of your free time!                                                                                                                           Call us at 0896 70 90 40 and let us create your brightest memories!