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Show programs

PartyService.bg Agency offers a variety of shows for your corporate or private event. We know that for you it is very important the participation of professional artists to be the evening program fun or to make a party memorable. We have selected the most interesting and most memorable artistic performances. We offer them to our customers from 2008 till now, making the program more exciting.

You can trust us that we will offer you the most accurate program that will never bore the guests. Therefore, the information that we need to offer a program is the age of the guests, who is the dominated sex and what they do professionally. These questions will guide us to a good selection of live entertainment, because really the most important is to like it and to suit their fun preferences.

And of course the most interesting part is the preparation of a good entertainment program, including theme and scenario event. We cooperate with over 100 artists in various fields. Over the years we have chosen to work with honest and accurate artists, which is essential for the smooth running of a party.

Entertaining programs are music, dance, art and mixed. Live music in different styles, modern, classical and folk bands, actors and circus performances, all wear mood of the original garment.

We will be happy to meet and discuss with your event. Be original in your choice!