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Hip-hop show with beat box

Your audience is young and looking for something refreshing, we suggest Breaking / breakdance / beatbox and / beatbox /, group more than 13 years presents dance music shows. The difference in the performances that combine a beatbox break, Locking and poping dance, which makes them very diverse and dynamic loading. Furthermore, only run 4 or 3 people, making them financially viable.

Here's how we can be helpful:

  • Dance-a musical performance (break, Locking and poping dance + beatbox) for event organizing. The show can be a vision consistent with the type of event and duration between 5 and 15 minutes. At the link below you can see the trailer for our latest hip-hop show "Panta Rei"
  • Dance workshop - suitable for festivals and team building (hip-hop or breakdancing lessons for beginners and advanced)
  • Solo beatbox show - with duration of 5 to 15 minutes.