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Location: Whiskey bar

Duration: 2:00 hours

Consumption: 2 whiskey, high class, 25 ml, water and bites to cleanse the receptors

Minimum group of 6 people

Master classes of Whisky Experience Bulgaria are fun and educational events where besides tasting of exclusive whiskeys, participants receive a lot of knowledge about your favorite beverage. The event is led by expert Whisky Experience Bulgaria - Angelina Kancheva.

Master classes are for beginners and advanced. Present topics such as the origin and history of whiskey production methods, introduction to tasting, whiskey, "geography" of whiskey (countries and regions producers) maturing taste profiles, combine whiskey with food and others.

The events are aimed at getting acquainted with "drug of the Celts" and acquisition of malt culture. They proceed in order to suit the topic and presented whiskeys. All seats are equipped with tasting cups water, pipette and bites to cleanse the receptors.

Whiskeys are selected according to the theme of the class as the selection includes high-end whiskeys, limited editions and rare bottles. Some of the names on the bottles or distilleries whose products will be tasted are: Hankey Banister, Baker's, Blanton's, Bowmore, Glenfarclas, Edradour, Lagavulin, Laphroig ......

Participants will learn about the way in malting barley and the extraction of sugars, then with the next two stages of making whiskey - fermentation and distillation.

They will understand the role of tiny yeast, which make the first step in the transformation of barley into alcohol. Then you will learn interesting facts about the process of distillation - why, how and when it's done.

After the theory is about the fun part - whiskey games:

- To know more whiskey flavor without tasting;

- To answer short questions whose answers have learned from the theory;

- Each team how elections whiskeys tried wins this team that show the long list.

Awarding diplomas and certificates masterclass.