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Invite Santa Claus


Every honoured firm make to the employees New Years Party to thanks of them for the good-making work in the past year.

If you have decided to make this kind of gift for your employees we offer to you to combine it with the visit for the good old man - Santa Claus !

What will happen?

Santa Claus will arrive to your Christmas party in the right time to the right place. He will meet with the people over there and will tell them for his trip between Laplandia and Bulgaria. And after this the fun begins. He loves to make fun with everybody! He loves too very much to listen Christmas songs! He will give you also and a few riddles and if your boss is prepared some presents to the employees, he will give them away.

Continuance of the Santa Claus's visit to the party: 30 minutes

Santa Claus can arrive to your company's party only for Sofia city and not later than 21 o'clock.

PartyService.BG Event Agency  wish to you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!