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Christmas party for the kids of your employees


During this year, Partyservice.BG Event Agency organized lots of parties for the children of the employees of bulgarian and foreign companies. And this year we will make no exception - our team will prepare new parties with Santa Claus and Snow White.

The program includes:

  • -Rent a hall

  • -Christmas kids games with Snow White or other fairy tale characters with scenario, approved by you - bonus

  • -Prizes for the winners - bonus

  • -DJ with professional equipment (we have different types, depending on the hall's size)

  • -Christmas songs

  • -Santa Claus arrival

  • -A photo for every kid with Santa Claus - bonus

  • -Collage with the best fotos in big size - bonus

  • -Christmas decoration and Christmas tree

  • -Presents for the kids - Christmas party accessories and goodies

  • -Christmas puppet show ("Wow...the Christmas tree","The snow street")

The party's duration: 2 hours