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Black sea team bulding

Partyservice.bg offers different types of team building programs for sea, mountain and urban.

Over the years, we choosed the most attractive locations in Bulgaria, offering not only an opportunity to relax, but also outdoor sports activities. Our experience always leads to specific concepts and scenarios that meet the needs of your team.

If you choose to be near the Black Sea, will offer exciting nautical experience as a team building pirate ships, sea fishing, beach games, a picnic in the beautiful countryside to the sea and others.

We have sports teams of animators , as well as professional actors to lead your event. We will offer you an excellent sound system, preparation of a detailed scenario, prizes and certificates to the winners.

Compared to your budget, it is best to first decide whether you have the financial capacity to bring out your hometown team, which automatically implies providing transportation, food and accommodation for the entire team or if you are able to offer an option for an event in the city in which your central office.

Send your inquiry to our email and nieshte you prepare an offer.