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Saloon music

We present the female quartet two violins, viola and cello. They are Jana Zelenogorski - violin, Boryana Kraleva - violin, Maria Todorova - viola and Joanna-Maria Todorova - cello. All they are graduates of the National Academy of Music "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov "The formula was born in 2014 when the girls winning project of Sofia Municipality to support the candidature of Sofia for European Capital of Culture 2019 project called " Music Park Sofia " and submit music through any favorite places in Sofia in order to popular music to reach more people.

Lounge music for your event in different versions of your choice:

Duo: cello and violin
Trio lounge music: two violins + violoncello
Trio: viola, violin, cello
Quartet: viola, two violins, cello

Other variants:

Solo singers:
Solo harp: up to 90min.

Solo piano: up to 90 min.

Solo saxophone: up to 60 min.

Acoustic guitar: up to 90 min.

Flute, saxophona and guitar: up to 90 min.

Violine and guitar/ flute and guitar/ cello and guitar: up to 90 min.

Flamenco and guitar: 60 min.

Saloon trio:
Flute, violine and cello: up to 90 min.

Chord trio: up to 90 min.

Flute, guitar and cello: up to 90 min.

Saloon quartets:
Flute, violine, violla and cello: up to 90 min.

For more information, please call +359 896 70 90 40