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Kids parties

We believe that at least once a year you are asking yourself: "Where and how to organize a birthday party for my child in Bulgaria?" If you are busy, do not waste your precious time searching for ideas and contact us, we will give you advice for a place to party and send you an animator.

Each children's birthday needs animator to entertain and help parents of birthday guests to drink their coffee in peace. That is our task! When you call us and order of the children's animation, it is our responsibility to play games and dances, and yours is to pay attention to its guests.

We offer a variety of themed parties for children by the age of your child, they have the same price and different durations. Most parents often stop for 2 hours. To enroll in your graphics need to request at least 4-5 days before the party. We will help you choose a theme and costume for animators to meet many of your child.

Every children's birthday can include:

- One or more Animator
- One or more animation with DJ

How to organize the perfect children's party?
10 tips for planning a kids party
1. Select a date and time
2. Choose a theme for the party
3. Budget party
4. Choosing a location
5. Invitations and guest list
6. Food
7. Order Animator
8. Party accessories for guests
9. Photographer
10. Most importantly, where to order cake?

Our team organize parties from 2008 and our experience gives you a guarantee for the successful one. We work with over 30 good animators, young girls and boys 20-25 years old, after choosing a theme and we will send them to the address you specify.

Do not hesitate to call us at 00359 896709040!