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kid's birthday party 1-3 years old

Animators for kids 1-3 years

To select the appropriate party for your child, think about who his favorite fairy tale characters, ask him which one wants to visit on his birthday, show him pictures of our animators. This will ensure that it will surprise your child. Please see the following entertainers dressed as:

  •     Pig
  •      Franklin
  •     Little Red Riding Hood
  •      Pippi Longstocking
  •      Minnie and Mickey Mouse
  •      Snow White from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"
  •      Tiger Cub of "Pooh"
  •      Bunny from "Bugs Bunny"
  •      Princess Aurora
  •      Princess of "Beauty and the Beast"
  •      Snowhite

Select a suitable place for your party - your home, nursery or child's school / see our suggestions in category "Party venues" contact with them, book the date and time and call us to make a reservation!

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