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Balkan Cabaret dance show

Partyservice.BG Ltd. offers an exciting musical show with dancing and music for the heart. Suitable show program for company parties. Balkan cabaret-show built on music and dances of the Balkans. Includes buffo, acting skits and dances. The program is about 25 minutes, In the final may be included for the final and most popular Bulgarian people.

Another option to show program is the mixed program - a combination of folk dances of nations, variety show, latin and modern folklore. The program can be 20-30 minutes, and there may be completed with the participation of the attendees at the end of the performance.

A third option is a folklore program - includes dances from different ethnographic regions, with the possible participation of orchestra and singers. The duration can vary from 20 to 30 minutes dance program.

The number of performers in various programs varies between 7 and 24.

Opportunity program to travel outside the capital while extra charge for transportation, accommodation and catering.

For more information please send your request to sofia@partyservice.bg, +359896709040