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Partyservice.BG agency works with a team of professional animators who will make a crazy party for your child and his friends!

We work with over 30 animators, actors, girls and boys aged between 20 and 28 years who have tried to evaluate the interest of the children and offer them games that are appropriate for their years.

We have prepared various parties. Most of them are related to the most popular children's movies, books and stories. Thus creating a theme party. For example, if your child likes the Harry Potter films, we have the original suit your character and send Harry Potter himself to your party! All types of parties you can see in the category Children's parties.

Our children's parties take place with lots of dancing and games. As desired, there may be more games and more dances. The duration of most children's parties is 2:00 h. At the beginning animator introduces children to the subject of party, splits them into two teams, with the birthday girl or boy is always one team captains. Games are competitive, such quick, brave, skillful. Props are provided by us. At the end of the first hour if they are hungry, the animator invites them to wash their hands and eat within 10-15 minutes, and then continue with the game and began to dance to the hit songs / if you have the equipment, we will provide CD /. At the end of the children's birthday animator make a ritual cake.

We have always believed that the role of the animator is not only to entertain children but to divert their attention to yourself, so that parents and birthday guests to feel at ease.

Contact us and we will send someone to your home or your chosen institution.

For more information contact us at: 02/421 42 28 .