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Rafting along the Struma River and Arda River

Rafting along the Struma River

Tematic rafting descents for corporate parties and events. Simultaneous and team descents.
 Each team has the task to find parts of a puzzle using a map for orientation and collecting points. This helps the participants to:
 - Improve communicat
 - share and create confidence in each other   
 - contribute to the effective teamwork and inclusion of new members
- improve decision making as a team and the achievment of results
 - have funny and pleasant experience for everyone

Rafting on Arda river

An adventure filled with emotions and good vibrations!

The rafting is going on the upper course of Arda river, at the area between the water-plant cascade “Bial iazovir” and Kardjaly dam. In this region the river is flowing through a unique valley through which the movement is nearly impossible without kayak or a raft boat.  

During the rafting you can enjoy:

  • The fantastic surrounding atmosphere of the Arda valley
  • The emotions from the white waters
  • The warmth and the atmosphere of the campfireProgram:

Day 1:Departure from Sofia early in the morning. Arrival at the “Beli Izvor” dam, relax and preparation of the camp site. Instructions, training. Dinner and party with acoustic instruments.

Day 2:Departure from “Beli izvor” and descent to the Devil’’s bridge. Camping on the site. Relax, dinner and fun.

Day 3:Starting from the Devil’s bridge, rafting to Kardjaly dam. Relax and departure.


Additional program:

*Exploration of the raptors preserve close to the village with griffins and Egyptian vulture

*Perperikon site