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Kayak team building

Kayaking at Struma river

Downriver with a double Gumotex kayak on Struma, seeking the pure adrenaline - the pleasure of any adventurer! The length of the descent is about 3 hours, along with equipping, briefing and dressing. The run is 11 kilometers along the most wild section of the Struma, alternating rapids with calm water for relaxation. :)
The kayaking is a pure adrenaline closer to the water  and unlike the rafting boat, which is higher, here you are directly on the level of the waves.

Kayaking at Kardjali dam, Eastern Rhodopes (3 days)
1 day: Arrival at Kardjali dam and a short tour in the pure waters oftheupper part of the dam.
2 day: Water trip to the dam wall and lunch on an island or a floating pub. In the evening– fire, songs and tasty dishes!
3 day: Sightseeing the ancient Thracian city of Perperikon and the unique White mushrooms formations. Departure.


Kayaking at Studen kladenetz Dam, Eastern Rhodopes (3 days)
1 day: Arrival and a short water trip to the fabulous waterfall with a large pool,an access to which is only by water. An incredible place!

2 day: The goal is to reach the dam wall as the trail crosses the only preserve in Europe for bald eagles. In the evening – sunset on the shore of the dam, fire and dinner.
3 day: Sightseeing the Devil's Canyon and than backtohome.

Weekend in the Rodope mountains - Goliam Beglik Lake with Kayaks


Day 1: On Friday right after we pack up for the weekend we leave for Goliam Beglik Lake which is situated in the heart of Rodope Mountains. Reaching the lake we settle the camping for overnight sleep.  

Day 2: We wake up early in the morning and after a cup of coffee or tea and a breakfast there are instructions of how to use kayak. Than we kayak round the island in the middle of the lake. On the island we will prepare a picnic and after a walk or a nap we will paddle back to our camping area. We’ll spend the night under the stars and the sounds of the nature.

Day 3: If we are lucky for the breakfast in the morning we could get some fresh milk from the local cowboy. After breakfast we pack the camp and optional we can visit Shiroka Luka Lake. In the late afternoon we travel back to home to start again our week but this time with a big smile form the weekend experience.

The Magical Mirracles - Kardjali Lake and Studen Kladenets Lake


Day 1: In the late afternoon we meet at the packing place at the National Stadium “Vasil Levski”. Our first destination is Borovitsa Hut situated some kilometers away from Kardjali town where we will spend the first night of the trip. The place where we will settle the camping is close to the lake and it is very cozy. Late in the night if the weather allows we can make a night kayaking in the mist of the lake where it is said that enormous fishes weighting 200 kilos live since 30 years. Of course the legends are many but when it happens that you are in the middle of the lake just like a small dust the adrenaline is getting higher and the imagination starts to work.
Day 2: Today we will have unexpected adventures. Did you ever have had lunch in a flowing restaurant? Or did you ever jumped from a rope bridge? Well we will see who will overcome the fear of high and will dive in the deep waters of the lake. After having a lunch at the flowing restaurant we’ll pack the kayaks in the bus and we will travel to the shores of Studen Kladenetz Lake.
Day 3: In the morning we drink a cup of coffee and discuss today’s adventure. What you will think if I tell you that there is a waterfall in the middle of the lake? Most of the people don’t believe but it is true. Hidden between the magical limestone there is a small waterfall which is a real oasis in the hot summer days. Far away from people’s sight this place is saved because of its destination which can be reached only by boats or kayaks.
In the late afternoon we travel back to Sofia.