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Surprise you beloved one with a Serenade!

You have a girlfriend in Bulgaria and you want to surprise her?

One of the most rоmantic presents is the Serenade - a love song performed at night under the window of a loved person, with the accompaniment of a guitar.

The reasons could be different -confession of love, confirmation of the power of your feelings, way for reconciliation, or request for forgiveness.

You have to pick 5 songs form our playlist and we will contact Mr Serenade, who may also give flowers, romantic letter or a gift, if required.

Connect with us to reserve a date, time and address, where Mr Serenade will appear for the surprise.
The serenade continues 1-015 minutes.

The repertoire:
1. "Incomplete" Backstreet Boys
2. "Is This love?" WhiteSnake
3. "I Belong To you" Anastasia Feat. Eros
4. "Soldier Of Fortune" Deep Purple
5. "I Want To Break Free" Queen
6. "I\'ll Be Over You" Toto
7. "Carrie" Europe
8. "Green Green Gras of home" Tom Jones
9. "Hotel California" Eagles
10. "Are you long Son tonight" Elvis
11. "Here go Again" Whitesnake
12. "Mishelle" Beatles