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Blobing team building

BLOBBING is far more than just being catapulted in the air. BLOBBING BATTLE are the sports competition league of the brandnew sports BLOBBING. Just after a few tries, the BLOB-flights are controllable and trained Blobbers can act out tricks like flips, spins, grabs and many more. A team consists of 3 members: 2 jumpers & 1 blobber. The judging at BLOBBING BATTLE is licensed by the World Blobbing Association (WBLA) und on the basis of this experienced BLOB-judges are scoring through to team-performance, style (difficulty of tricks & landing) and also airtime (height).

It’s not just another sports competition. Beside sports, also music, lifestyle, summer/beach flair and party counts. It’s about having a good time hanging out with your mates at a nice location or spot like a beach listening to good music and much more. BLOBBING BATTLE-events are the most staged on within two days: 1st day: „Free Blobbing“ for everybody, trick workshops, qualification contest, dj-contests, side- activities (f.e. slacklining, stand-up-paddling, etc.). BLOBBING BATTLE BEACH PARTY: in the evening of the first day, there’s always a nice party in great flair near the water on the beach. 2nd day: This is the day of THE BLOBBING BATTLE tournament. Teams are competing each other during pre-rounds ( KO-system). In the finals it turns out who is going to become BLOBBING BATTLE champion…