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Treasure hunt in the centre of Sofia

The Treasure hunt in the centre of Sofia is a mixture between "The Amazing race", "The DaVinci code"and "Indiana Jones".

It is an adventurous project, related to solving riddles, breaking codes, visiting historical landmarks. Every riddle leads the teams to a specially selected place- historical, cultural or simply local landmark in Sofia.
Every team has to come up with a solution to the riddles, which are hard to be solved by a single person. Of great importance are the orientation skills, observation skills and acuteness. The participants have little time, information and few resouces in order to pick out the best ideas, come up with a plan and evaluate it's efficiency!

Example: "What is the answer to the question about the Life, the Univerce and everything else?" - asked Todor.

"I don't know, but think positively and soon, everything will be fine." -answered Vito- "Sometimes you have to read between the lines."

Who lived there?

The winner is the team, which for the shortest period of time solves and visits more riddles. After the game the teams recieve information about the riddle and the story behind it.

Sample program: 
13:00- 13:30 Inicial instruction about the game
13:30 -17:30 The Treasure hunt
17:30 -19:00 Free time
19:00 -19:30 Breefing of the game, analisis, award ceremony